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Say goodbye to sagging fabric and hello to perfect loops!


These Morgan brand no-slip hoops are perfect for small punch needle projects, ensuring your fabric stays drum-tight throughout your project.




  • Creates ideal tension: The unique design grips your fabric firmly, preventing it from loosening or bunching, and allowing for consistent, even loops.
  • Durable construction: Made from high-quality plastic, these hoops are built to last, even with heavy use.
  • Two sizes available: Choose from 7" and 9" diameter hoops to accommodate projects of various sizes.




  • Effortless punching: Consistent tension makes punching smoother and more enjoyable.
  • Cleaner results: Eliminate uneven loops and imperfections caused by loose fabric.
  • Improved accuracy: Maintain precise stitch placement for professional-looking results.
  • Versatile use: Suitable for a variety of punch needle projects, from wall hangings and rugs to coasters and pillows.


Order your no-slip hoops today and experience the difference!


Additional Information:

  • Material: Durable Plastic
  • Sizes: 7" and 9" diameter


Note: For optimal results, use fabric specifically designed for punch needle rug hooking, such as monk's cloth. For ultimate ease, buy our Pre-cut Monk's Cloth!

No-Slip Hoops for Effortless Punch Needle Projects

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