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About Us

Small Space Art Collective was created to provide a place to slow down and connect with our creativity, to be a part of a vibrant community, and to have some fun! 

Partners Leah and Cecilia are creative souls with a passion to share the beauty of making art and craft a part of a full and colorful life. We offer classes and workshops in Fine Arts and Crafts, a shop, and a gallery and event space for art shows, pop-up boutiques, and parties.

Our classes offer a safe and comforting environment where the students become part of a community. We believe that everyone has the ability to create and feel successful. Our classes teach students to slow down and be reflective about their work. Love and compassion are instilled in our work environment. 

Our classes are taught by local artists, makers, and crafters, and by Leah and Cecilia themselves. 

The Collective Team

We're so fortunate to work with passionate and talented artists, makers, crafters, and creatives who make up the heart and soul of Small Space Art Collective. Each team member and teacher brings a wealth of experience and expertise to their craft and are more than instructors and team members; they are mentors and guides, nurturing the artistic spirit within each student and guest. 

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