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Embroidery Gift Card Instructions

Did you get a physical Gift Card? Ready to get started embroidering?

Let's go! You'll find the high level steps and videos with the details below.

Step 1

Decide on your design. You can use one of the patterns below or create your own. Each line segment will get filled with the embroidery design. You can fill all the lines with embroidery as in the first image below, but we recommend starting with a motif in the center and add on from there.

Step 2

Make holes at the intersections of lines at the beginning and end of where you want to fill with embroidery thread. Use a towel or double stack of felt under the card. See video below.

Step 3

Thread the needle and make a knot at the end of the thread.

Step 4

Sew along the lines of your design using running stitch.

  • Start by pushing the needle up from the back to the front through one of the holes and pulling the thread through until the knot catches on the back of the card.

  • Then insert the needle into the next hole along the line and pull the needle from the back until the thread lies flush along the surface of the card on the front.

  • Next push the needle up from the back to the front in the next hole along the line.

  • Continue going up and down along the design.

  • Then come back over the same area and come up from the back to the front in the beginning of a blank space to fill in the blank parts with thread.

  • Keep going around the design the fill in the areas you want to fill.

Step 5

Tie off the ends on the back by looping the needle through a previous stitch two times and on the third loop make a know by not pulling the loop all the way and inserting the needle through the loop and then pulling tight.

And you're done! You did great! Go ahead and frame it and display it proudly! Please share on your socials and tag us so we get to see your creations!

Want to learn more about embroidery? Check out this 4-week embroidery course where you learn all the basic stitches and some not-so-basic to equip you to make gorgeous wall art, upcycled clothing, patches, you name it!

Video Music Credits:

Music: Feeling Fine

Musician: Uncleboris

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